Celebrating the true essence of your brand's vision with the expertise and artistry of an internationally acclaimed photographer.

You yearn for creative unity with a devoted team and aspirational photographs that are eloquent of your authentic intentions.

You desire imagery so powerful and fascinating that it captivates your audience and evokes a stream of pure, undeniable emotion.

The search for a passionate photographer who can artistically capture an aesthetic in alignment with the publication is a challenging task.



I had a great time working with Kristine! She got my photoshoot needs done in an extremely timely manner, was super responsive via email or text, and generally pleasant to be around :)

The photo quality is spectacular and I will definitely be using her services in the future!


Dylan Pritchard

Artistic synergy
is key

ArtChick aspires to apply her creative instinct and technical expertise to capture the subject in a way that is profound, transcending the image itself. The visionary’s goal for the shoot is set as the foundation for her approach and is the key to a dynamic gallery full of compelling images.

A unique balance of guidance and trust is essential in the outcome of an editorial session. ArtChick welcomes insight into the bigger picture and values the inspiration fueling the main concept as she navigates from behind the lens.

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What does a session entail?


A comprehensive meeting to discuss the project goals.


An overview of the main concept and a thorough mood-board review.


The creation of a detailed shot list and talent call sheet.


Installation of off-camera lighting and photography equipment.


Two hour editorial session at one location.


Professional editing of 50 - 75 images from the project.


The delivery of a high-resolution gallery and printing rights.

If we join forces, you’ll be able to

Make your mark

Don’t keep your message quiet or allow your brand to blend into the crowd. Make an unforgettable statement with riveting photographs.

Tell a story

Accompany your message with a selection of compelling imagery that will share a greater meaning and have an even stronger impact.

Be the buzz

Be the irresistible topic of everyone's conversation. Your extraordinary content will wow your audience and keep them coming back for more!

City Girl Fashion Published in Germany & Montreal 

Did you know that visual content increases people's desire to read by 80%?

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visual artist

ArtChick is an award-winning photographer who documents fashion editorial and commercial projects. She resides in Philadelphia,  where she finds inspiration to capture the human interactions within her society.

She passionately explores the natural movement of her subjects while awakening their deep sense of self. ArtChick’s work has been recognized by publications across the world and she has had a profound impact on the photographer community.

I’ve always been fascinated by human behavior and mystified by the eyes of my subjects. Its through their eyes that you catch a glimpse of their true being, and it’s from their body’s movement that you can capture a story needing to be told.

I feel most alive when I am graced with an opportunity to photograph strong individuals overcoming adversity and allowing themselves to be fully vulnerable. I welcome the chance to use my camera as a vessel for bringing their narrative forward.

Your message is only as powerful as the visuals that accompany it.